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      Onda 4G ebook 8 inch

      Update: 2012/9/2      View:
      • Brand:    onda
      • Type:    VK30
      • Price:    5778 RMB
      • Promotion:    5699 RMB ( 0 Customers Bought)
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        Onda VK30 is the first 8 inch 24 16000000 color color high-definition display e-book products, than the mainstream 5 and 7 inch ebook screen respectively to 60% and 14%, plus the super clear screen display, let vision broader ebook. At the same time, VK30 optimizes read a Book effect, solve the electronic screen of the visual fatigue and other issues, is more advantageous to the user reading a long time. In addition, 4:3 screen ratio is currently reading the text of the most appropriate size, it will bring a better user experience. The appearance of VK30 broke now e-books immutable and frozen style, by the internationally renowned design studio for Onda ebook and tries their best to build, white body with simple, sleek styling, more highlights the fashion taste.

        Human touch operation, FLASH UI and Widget control

        In the operation, Onda VK30 on a 8 inch screen into a new generation of touch screen, brings a more intuitive, convenient operation of the machine. At the same time, the integration of a new FLASH sliding UI design, the page when there are 3 ways to choose for the consumer, icon-based interface also appears to be quite fashionable. With a lot of electronic products is different, Onda MP4 acclaimed Widget control design ported to VK30, and the effect of optimization, and bring customers the most user-friendly operation experience.

        Super full format e-books, most professional PDF text decoding

        As the most powerful ebook, Onda VK30 text read function is quite strong. It uses intelligent shelving system, can display the covers of books ( books itself has a cover), and automatic identification has read and unread books, users can also adjust the shelf display layout, simply press books drag to need to place the location. VK30 supports EPUB, PDB, FB2, HTML, TXT and other format e-book format, covering almost the current mainstream text format, the user only needs to download a copy to machine can watch, eliminates many formats compatible with trouble. At the same time, have a professional PDF text decoding, can easily support PDF text, it is home to many electronic products are not available.

        You can listen to e-books, horizontal and vertical screen switching humanized detail

        EBook powerful source in some details of the setting, Onda VK30 brought the most user-friendly details: support angle 360 degrees horizontal screen rotation, adapting to all users reading habits; support e-book font size, font switching custom switching and background brightness regulating; a plurality of bookmarks can also save settings more convenient for a user to read; in addition, the VK30 also support TTS voice reading aloud, let your e-book can be " read ", while reading a more innovative.

        Electronic screen resolution, four Dictionary of human speech

        Onda VK30 in addition to the above e-book reading set, also built unique screen explaining function, users in the electronic screen click on a word or phrase can appear the magnifying glass, and can be obtained by selecting words for translation, but also can set up a bookmark, make you more convenient for reading. Onda VK30 also built a powerful learning function dictionary, including Chinese, English, Chinese, idiom 4 dictionary for your perusal, and provide the words in human speech, any dictionary between jumping and other details, enough to cover your basic requirements, it is undoubtedly a great breakthrough ebook.

        More intelligent handwriting recognition input and document search system

        Compared with the ordinary books and MP4, Onda VK30 touch screen application, gives the user and machine more interactive applications, intelligent file search system is one of the highlights of the. The user can through the machine of the quick search, to find what you need to read books and music files, very convenient and practical. At the same time, VK30 also built-in intelligent handwriting recognition input function, the user can be in the screen handwriting input, search for files, screen, choice of dictionaries and other operations. Man machine interactive e-book industry development, also is a direction.

        HD full format video, comparable to those of mainstream HD MP4

        Onda VK30 is not just a book, or a big screen high-definition MP4, it fully supports MKV, AVI, RM, RMVB, MP4, MOV, VOB, DAT, FLV, 3GP, almost all of the high-definition video format, the 720P HD video without conversion, direct play. The sound quality, in addition to support MP3/WMA/AAC audio format, the world recognized good quality APE/FLAC lossless compression music format support and Microsoft PlayFX sound and other sound effects, makes the VK30 quality greatly improved. Built in speaker, more convenient for users to share.

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