HX-1350F  Small Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue Rewinding And Slitting Machine ( Finished Product Diameter 300mm)

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Equipment function:

1.Small rolled paper produced by this machine are widely used in the toilet room of public places including hotels and office buildings, etc.
2.This machine is equipped with embossing, perforating and automatic cutting device.
3. The product is one-step forming. The unwinding roll of jumbo roll paper adopt flat belt for pushing.
4.Stepless speed adjustment adjust tension.
5. It adopts air swelling shaft to rewinding roll (or select to use pneumatic style to rewinding roll), the tension of rewinding roll can be adjusted.

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 Main technical parameter

1, production speed: 130-180m/min
2, Finished roll diameter: 100-300 mm (adjustable)
3, Perforating distance: Toilet paper roll 100-150mm (adjustable),
kitchen towel: 150-250 mm
4, Jumbo roll diameter: ≤1200mm
5, Equipment power: 3KW(380V 50HZ)
6, Equipment overall size(L * W * H): 4000*2300*1600mm
7, Equipment weight: about 2.2 T
8. Slitting Width: 90-500 mm
9. Maxi Width of Raw Paper: 1350mm
10. Raw Paper Core Diameter: 76.2 mm
11.Paw Paper GSM: double ply: 13-30g/m2, single ply:24-50g/m2

Product Show

small jumbo roll toilet paper sliting rewinding machine (3)
small jumbo roll toilet paper sliting rewinding machine (2)

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Product Description

Payment & Delivery
Payment Method: T/T,Western Union, PayPal
Delivery Details: within 75-90 days after confirming the order
FOB Port: Xiamen

Primary Advantage
Small Orders Accepted  Country of Origin  Experienced Machine
International suppliers
Product Performance  Quality Approvals  Service of Technicians

We have abundant Experience of producing most kinds of living paper machine device which were customized by customers from different countries and areas, so we can meet varies demand. If you have demand, welcome to contact us and create new values.


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