A sanitary ware owner who sold toilets told me that if the toilet doesn’t flush the toilet paper, it’s your problem, not the toilet.

In short, toilet paper should be thrown in the toilet and flushed with the excrement, toilet paper is never thrown into the trash can next to the toilet, don’t think it’s a small thing, the impact inside It’s not that simple, and it will rise to the level of family health.

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Throwing toilet paper in the toilet and flushing it with the excrement, will it cause blockage?

Let’s take a look at the working principle of the toilet first. There is an inverted U-shaped pipe structure under the toilet that is invisible to the naked eye. This design can ensure that there will always be water flow blocked between the sewer pipe and the toilet outlet, blocking the spread of odor to the toilet. indoor process.

When flushing the toilet, the water in the water storage tank will be injected from the water inlet pipe into the toilet outlet pipe at an accelerated rate. The whole process takes about 2 to 3 seconds. During this process, the water level in the toilet pipe will suddenly rise. When After reaching the critical value, under the action of gravity, the water will flow into the sewer pipe, thereby emptying the gas inside, which causes a siphon phenomenon. It will be sucked into the sewer pipe, and then enter the underground septic tank, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Then why do some people say that when I throw the toilet paper in, the toilet is blocked!

Of course, some people say that I often flush the toilet paper with the excrement, and there is no blockage at all!

what is this?

The reason lies in whether you throw away toilet paper or not!

To put it simply, household paper can be mainly divided into two categories: “hygiene paper” and “tissue paper towels”, and the quality indicators, processing technology and production requirements of the two are quite different.

Toilet paper is hygiene paper. Never mind that it is divided into roll paper, removable toilet paper, flat-cut paper and coil paper. Remember that this type of paper is only used for toilets. Its fibers are short and the structure is loose. It decomposes easily after water.

This is not what I said casually. Look carefully at the picture below. Someone put toilet paper in the water. After touching the water, the toilet paper will become very soft. After that, the experimenter simulated the water flow when flushing the toilet. In just a few seconds, the toilet paper was completely dissolved.

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And the facial tissues, napkins and handkerchiefs that we usually use to wipe our mouths, hands or other parts are generally paper towels. The toughness of this type of paper is much higher than that of toilet paper, and it is difficult to decompose when thrown into the toilet. Too much can easily cause blockage.


So the answer is about to come out. According to the standard, after we use toilet paper, we should throw it into the toilet and flush it, and the reason why many people get blocked after throwing the paper into the toilet is that they use paper towels that are not easy to dissolve. Paper.


Post time: Jun-08-2022