Brief Introduction for the Lotion tissue coating machine

Lotion tissue paper, that is, moisturizing soft tissue. Lotion tissue gives the paper far away from ordinary paper softness and smoothness, at the same time has a certain moisturizing function, some products also have skin care function. This type of paper is undoubtedly the best choice for patients with skin allergies, rhinitis, colds, infants and newborn mothers. Cream is a description of the state of matter, as we usually say that water is liquid and soil is solid. Corresponding to cream is lotion, which is similar to water but viscous than water. Cream is more viscous than lotion, such as common facial cleanser and moisturizer. The state that is more viscous than cream is called colloid or jelly.


Lotion tissue paper has been particularly eye-catching this year. Many manufacturers have launched new products such as lotion moisturizing tissue, lotion moisturizing handkerchief, and so on. In order to cope with this market situation and meet the production needs of the vast majority of paper production equipment, our company has also developed the lotion tissue coating machine which to ensure that the cream is evenly and accurately added. Our cream coating machine can choose three layers of double side coating or three layers coating. The lotion coating machine rolls out the ordinary base paper first, double side or three layers of coating, and then cut it into cream lotion paper. The equipment has the advantages of fast coating speed, good uniformity, balanced winding density and humanized design, which makes the operation and maintenance simple and easy to clean.


The equipment changes the softness of non-woven fabrics, toilet paper, facial tissue paper and napkin paper. With different ratios of softening materials, moisturizing facial tissue paper can be produced, napkin toilet paper can be increased the softness, make the product higher end and double the profit. The processed product has a smooth surface and good visual and tactile effects. It is currently the leading product in the high-end living tissue market.


Post time: Nov-19-2021