Brief Introduction to toilet paper machinery

Household paper is mainly used for people’s daily hygiene. Toilet paper itself is a consumable and must be purchased repeatedly. The audience is relatively wide, and basically every household should buy it. With the increasing demand for toilet paper, the demand for toilet paper processing equipment is also increasing.

Toilet paper processing equipment includes roll toilet paper processing equipment and square paper processing equipment according to different categories of toilet paper.

Roll toilet paper processing equipment is mainly composed of toilet paper rewinding, band saw cutting or log saw cutting, and packaging machine. Normally, toilet paper is rewound in 1-6 layers. After winding, it is divided into small rolls and packaged into finished products.


The square toilet paper processing equipment is mainly composed of napkin folding machine, sheet counting machine and packaging machine. Folded into a square or rectangular napkin, after several pieces of sub packaging, it is packaged into bags of exquisite napkins.

Square toilet paper also include facial tissue paper and hand towel paper. The two kind of paper are fold by different folding machine. Material paper of facial tissue paper is usually more elastic and smooth, with lighter wight. Facial tissue paper is skin-friendly, so it can be used to be a disposable towel to clear body. Hand towel paper can easily absorb moisture on body and keep intact, especially after hand wash.


As consumers prefer soft, good handle and beautiful products, the supplier of toilet paper processing equipment is constantly improving the process. Buyers can choose double sided embossing, gluing lamination device and cream coating device to change the softness of toilet paper on the equipment. Compared with single-sided embossing, not only the double-sided embossing effect of the finished product is consistent, but also each layer of paper is not easy to spread when used. The embossed pattern has a strong three-dimensional sense and clear pattern, which makes the whole product look more high-grade, brings more satisfactory experience to consumers and greater returns to manufacturers.

Post time: Nov-19-2021