The 29th Tissue Paper International Science and Technology Exhibition

The 29th Tissue Paper International Science and Technology Exhibition (2022 Tissue Annual Conference & International Maternity, Children, Adult Hygiene Care Products Exhibition) will kick off in Wuhan in June 2022, June 22-23 The FOCUS International Forum will be held, and the exhibition will be held from June 24th to 26th.

The international forum held before the CIDPEX annual meeting is guided by the actual needs of the industry, with a global and forward-looking perspective, focusing on the two major industries of tissue paper and hygiene products, gathering global industry experts, “gathering” Focus on high-interest topics, insight, analysis, dialogue, and seminars, and build an open, sharing, collaborative and win-win professional exchange platform for domestic and foreign enterprises. In 2021, the International Forum attracted 765 professional audiences, and the number of participants exceeded pre-pandemic levels.

The recurrence of the new crown epidemic and changes in the industry situation will make the industry face severe tests. How to accurately grasp these changes and tests has become a theme that the industry must face in the post-epidemic era. The organizer will serve the industry with ingenuity for 29 years, not forgetting the original intention, and insist on providing a professional, forward-looking and high-level technical exchange platform for the industry.

The 2022 FOCUS International Forum has three highlights:

1. The international forum is subdivided into three thematic venues of “Wiping towels Conference” and “Marketing”, “Household Paper”, and “Hygiene Products”, so that the audience can choose accurately.

2. Focus on channel changes, private domain traffic, and gain insight into growth changes. In-depth discussion of new ways of marketing development in the industry, interpretation of industry development trends and successful brand experience, creating a level playing field and promoting the healthy development of the industry.

3.Green and low-carbon development. The topics are closely related to hot topics such as dual carbon goals, price fluctuations, overcapacity, biodegradability and sustainability, energy conservation and consumption reduction, new materials, new technologies, and new equipment.

Post time: May-12-2022